Japan direct line registration

Service Introduction

Through independent research and development of channel, Japan direct line registration is a kind of direct line service launched by YunExpress for products sold to Japan. With stable service and high cost performance, it can accept charged products and it’s specially designed to solve the problem of small parcel but heavy charging. By utilizing abundant flight resources in HK, flying to Japan, combining advantages of customs clearance resources in Japan and establishing perfect delivery network, Japan Post finishes last-mile delivery with superfast timeliness.

Product Profile

  • Product name

    Japan direct line registration

  • Transportation code


  • Cargo type

    Package (one package shipment)

  • Reference time

    3-7 workdays

  • Weight limit


  • Cargo size

    Min. size: 10*20cm, max. size range: 60*40*35cm

  • Chargeable weight

    Take actual weight and volume weight of entire shipment, whichever is larger (calculation method of volume weight: L*W*H cm/9,000=KG)

  • Delivery attribute

    This channel does not accept any branded products (subject to record on Customs Intellectual Property Protection, website:

    This channel does not accept textile (e.g. glove, scarf, socks, clothing, hemp rope, bib, apron, hammock, seat cover for pets, cushion, tent, etc.)

    Do not accept leather products (e.g. leather shoes, leather bag, leather clothes, etc.); do not accept plastic bag, educational toy, educational utensil.

  • Declaration requirement

    This channel does not accept the cargos with declaration value exceeding 135USD.

  • Return & redelivery service

    Return & redelivery service

    This channel provides redelivery service, but does not support return from Japan to HK.

    ①If the package is returned to overseas warehouse, it can be redelivered to Japan and redelivery fee is 40RMB/shipment.

    ②Redelivery deadline is 2 weeks. In other words, customers can select redelivery within 2 weeks after informing the customers about return; if customers do not reply, the package will be destroyed by default after 2 weeks.

    This channel does not support delivery to FBA warehouse address, APO/FPO military address or Amazon address.

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