YunExpress Germany Registered

Service Introduction

YunExpress Germany Registered is a direct express customer service independently developed by YunExpress according to the needs of domestic e-commerce business to Germany. YunExpress Germany Registered, with high-cost performance, is launched to solve the problems of Germany logistics and recharging of small packages. Relying on the rich routes in Hong Kong and the professionalism in Germany express, YunExpress provides efficient, stable and traceable express and transportation services of small packages, entry customs clearance procedures and door-to-door delivery services for cross-border e-commerce business. 

Product Profile

  • Product Name

    YunExpress Germany Registered

  • Transportation Code


  • Cargo Type

    Package (Shipment from one package)

  • Estimated Delivery Timeframe

    7-12 business days

  • Maximum Weight


  • Maximum Dimension


  • Freight by Weight

    Charged by actual per weight in G unit.

  • Service Applicability

    1.Any branded products recorded on Customs Intellectual Property Protection are not accepted by YunExpress Germany Direct Line Registration.

    2.Dangerous articles and contrabands (such as pure battery, prohibited liquid, prohibited powder, gun and ammunition) are not accepted by logistic service of YunExpress to Germany.

    3.Products with built-in batteries and supporting batteries (power ≤100WH) are accepted.

  • Declaration Requirements

    The packages with a declared value exceeding 163USD are not allowed on the YunExpress Germany direct line service.

    VAT (Value Added Tax) on packages with a declared value of 24USD (including 24USD) ~ 163USD shall be levied at 25% of the declared value and borne by the consignee.

  • Return & Redelivery Service

    1.Redelivery service is available on YunExpress Germany Direct Line Registration, but the return service from Germany to HK is not supported.

    2.YunExpress only redelivers the packages returned to the overseas warehouse to Germany with the redelivery fee of 50RMB/shipment.

    3.The redelivery service is valid for two weeks. The customer shall check and select the redelivery service within two weeks after being informed that the package is returned, otherwise the package will be deemed to be destroyed after two weeks.

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