UPS Express (HK)

Service Introduction

UPS, the United Parcel Service, was established in the United States as a messenger in 1907. UPS is not only the world's largest express carrier and package delivery provider, but also a leading logistics and transportation supplier of e-commerce business. Up to now, the worldwide express UPS has managed the logistics, capital flow and information flow of more than 200 countries and regions around the world every day. YunExpress is a third-party international express provider. In cooperation with UPS, YunExpress aims to provide efficient, convenient and cost-effective international express services for global e-commerce sellers. UPS Express HK is a logistics project jointly launched by YunExpress and UPS, serving 220 countries and regions around the world with professional services.

Service advantages

01 Scope: serve 220 countries and regions in the world

02 Query: online query of detailed package delivery information

03 Timeliness: 3-6 workdays for global delivery

04 Price: 40%-70% discount off official price of UPS Express (HK)

Reference time

Normally, 1 workday for online record and 3-6 workdays for delivery service

Weight & volume limit

01 For the cargos with light true weight but large volume, calculate as per volume weight: volume weight (L*W*H)cm/5,000; for multiple package shipment, calculate as per the sum of maximum weight of single shipment (carry 0.5 for small cargos, carry 1 for large cargos)

02 Calculation method of volume weight: L*W*H/5,000, unit: cm

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