Service Introduction

DHL Express (HK) is a product jointly launched by YunExpress and DHL for the world, which shows fast timeliness and favorable price. After uploading order and the cargos arrive our company for operation, tracking number will be returned immediately and complete tracking path can be viewed on official website of DHL.

Product Profile

  • Product name

    DHL Express (HK)

  • Transportation code


  • Cargo type

    Parcel, one package shipment or multiple package shipment

  • Delivery country

    Global, refer to partition table in quotation list

  • Reference time

    4-6 workdays

  • Charge mode

    Calculation method of volume weight: L*W*H/5,000, volume weight is not counted for those that can be put into DHL bag and volume weight is counted for those that are not put into DHL bag; if charging weight of single shipment is<19.5kg including="" it="" will="" be="" charged="" as="" per="" 0.5kg="" if="" the="" weight="" is="" less="" than="">20KG, it will be charged as per 1KG if the weight is less than 1KG.

  • Delivery attribute

    General cargos, charged (battery voltage, power). Do not accept pure battery or supporting battery cargos, any brand of mobile. Built-in battery cargos are accepted. PO BOX address is not accepted.

    Pure battery, mobile power and contraband are not accepted for this channel. Once these goods are found, penalty is RMB 1,000/shipment at least and there is no ceiling. No brand of products is accepted for US line.

  • Weight & size limit

    DHL refuses the parcel with single side >300cm, charging weight of single package >300KG, charging weight of single shipment >1,000KG and single shipment >99 packages!

    If single side of single package exceeds 120CM (including 120CM) or actual weight or volume weight of single package exceeds 70KG (including 70KG), over-length & over-weight fees RMB 810/shipment (plus fuel surcharge) will be additionally charged. Over-length & over-weight fees are charged as per shipment. For multiple package shipment, if there are several over-length & over-weight packages, RMB 810 will be charged for each package. (If DHL charges over-length & over-weight fees from our company after exporting cargos, we will charge the fees from shipper)

  • Special requirements

    Angola: each shipment ≤250KG; Nigeria: each shipment/package ≤70KG and textile is not accepted;

    Tunisia: each shipment ≤40KG, each package ≤30KG; otherwise, they will be returned;

    Morocco: each package ≤70KG, each shipment ≤100,0KG

    Indonesia: only cargos under 100KG can be shipped if the recipient does not have import license, customs code or tax number;

    Bangladesh, Australia, Saudi Arabia: country of origin must be labelled on products such as MADE IN CHINA; otherwise, they will be returned;

    Netherlands: no wig products are allowed;

    Algeria: when placing orders, complete company name should be filled if there is company name of recipient; if there is no, do not add “CO” after inputting person name in the column of company name to avoid customs clearance issue (cargo weight for each package ≤40KG)

  • Additional charge

    Additional charge for high-risk areas: 238RMB/shipment + fuel surcharge (applicable to documents and packages); high-risk areas & restricted destinations: 238RMB/shipment + fuel surcharge +333RMB/shipment

    Countries needing to collect this fee: Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Niger (if DHL charges this fee from our company after exporting cargos, we will charge the fees from shipper) Refer to quotation list for more details

  • Tariff-related

    Customs laws are different in different countries; if recipient refuses to pay duty, the duty will be borne by sender.

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