YunExpress Launched the Tokyo Fulfillment Centre, Which Has Added One More Milestone to Its Global Footprint


After years of preparation, the launch of the Tokyo Fulfillment Centre was finally unveiled, which enables YunExpress to serve global eCommerce merchants more efficiently via this brand-new warehousing facility. With the scope of service spanning across the vast Asia Pacific region, Tokyo Fulfillment Centre was designed to boost logistics efficiency along the way.


About Tokyo Fulfillment Centre:


Scope of service: eCommerce merchants in the vast Asia Pacific region(APAC)

Core products: Cross-border B2C lines, customizable overseas warehousing service, and more.

Processing capacity: Up to 40,000 packages per day.

Address: 2-chōme-6-6 Shibazono, Narashino, Chiba 275-0023

Public facilities nearby: Haneda Airport/Tokyo International Airport(HND), Narita International Airport(NRT).


Tokyo Fulfillment Centre serves as a premier logistics hub for the APAC market and also consolidates the C2J(China-to-Japan) B2C line networks. 


Equipped with the solid global logistics network of YunExpress, Tokyo Fulfillment Centre will provide local merchants in Japan with package pick-up, and cross-border B2C line services including but not limited to Japan-to-Asia, Japan-to-North America, and Japan-to-Europe. In addition to the above, Tokyo Fulfillment Centre also provides merchants in the APAC region with cross-border B2C line service from Hong Kong(China), Taiwan(China), and South Korea to Japan.


Core Advantages of Tokyo Fulfillment Centre


Convenient transportation

41 km far away, it only takes 40 min. highway driving from Tokyo Fulfillment Centre to Narita International Airport(NRT), and 65 min. to Haneda Airport(HND), they are known as two porches in Japan, particularly, Narita International Airport(NRT) ranked NO.1 in Japan for its enormous air cargo export volume.


Exclusive location

The Tokyo area where this Fulfillment Centre is located has the biggest population in Japan(almost 30% of the total population), the fastest-growing consumer market, and it's also known as one of the most developed international metropolitans in the world. Tokyo Fulfillment Centre can tap into that affluent consumer market by significantly shortening the delivery distance while helping merchants save logistics costs and improve efficiency.


Reliable last-mile delivery

YunExpress partners with local last-mile suppliers to provide merchants with the most cost-effective logistics solution. 


The better one-stop order fulfillment solution

With YunExpress Japan Registered Direct (special preference for regular packages), orders can be delivered within only 5-8 working days with up to 98% OTD rate. To meet miscellaneous merchant demands and corresponding product categories, YunExpress has also developed logistics solutions for products containing batteries as well as clothing products. 


Japan is the third-largest economy in the world with a GDP of US$5 trillion. GDP per capita is US$42,927 in 2021, predicted to reach US$51,620 by 2026. Japan is the fourth-largest eCommerce market in the world behind the UK, China, and the US.


eCommerce growth in the market is at approximately 6.24% per annum and is estimated to be worth US$143 billion by 2025. Food and Personal Care is the largest segment at US$28 billion in 2021, with Fashion and Beauty the second strongest category, worth US$25 billion, and Toys, DIY, and Hobbies (US$21 billion) then Electronics and Media (US$18.9 billion) next.


To wrap up, YunExpress is on its way to becoming a trustworthy global logistics service provider, with new fulfillment centers launched in Hong Kong SAR, China, Bang Kok, and South Korea, more international transshipment hubs will come afterward, which will accelerate the growth of every global eCommerce merchant by providing holistic logistics and supply chain solution.


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