Top 3 Significant Reasons to Found Logistics for Cosmetic Line


In the past few months, the COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically changed the way how we live and how we do business. At the beginning of the epidemic, people in the world have been more isolated. Conditions of both the flights forced limitations and the scare from viruses ask people to choose to stay at home rather than going out.



Although the epidemic has been making negative influences to our life and international business to some extent, we can still see an increasing number of people who turn to shop online. Taking cosmetics as an example, with the recovery of logistics, especially cross-border logistics, people are able to buy the products they like without leaving their homes. Therefore a logistic for the cosmetic line is founded.


In this article, we YunExpress will present the reasons why we found logistics for a cosmetic line. Let's take a look.


Consequential reasons to establish cosmetic line


On the one hand, we can find some information that the international trade volume of cosmetics increases every year from the Internet. On the other hand, in the global cross-border market, cosmetics and other beauty makeup products have always been being the main force of mass consumption. This is the premise that we YunExpress, a logistics provider, desire for the establishment for a cosmetic line.


Consumers' demands grow rapidly

Under the epidemic, there is a giant hit to the offline cosmetic line, and more and more consumers turn to online to meet their demands. According to the research from OECD, in 2020, the global online consumption orders increased significantly compared with the same period last year, with the highest increase of 80% in the Asia Pacific and Europe and 150% in North America during the epidemic period.


Besides, according to the data provided by Globe, L 'Oreal &Statista database, the market value of the global beauty industry rose above $511 billion in 2021, with a global compound annual growth rate of 4.75%. With the gradual improvement of cross-border logistics, a cosmetic line to meet people's requirements is of great necessity.


Logistics recover strongly

Due to the popularity of cosmetics worldwide and the recovery of logistics from the epidemic, the export & import volume of cosmetics increased rapidly. Taking China as an example, China took the lead in recovering strongly from the epidemic and had the prospect of colossal consumption. According to the data from Customs, China exported around one million tons of cosmetics and care products in 2020, increasing 4.3 percent year compared with 2019.


In additionduring the first three quarters of 2020, Chinas cosmetics exports ($3.139 billion) have surpassed 2018's ($2.5 billion) and 2019's ($2.774 billion). Although the epidemic has made the terrible influences on our life, it is true that cross-border logistics boost rapidly after it recovers to some extent.


To satisfy particular logistics needs of cosmetics

Since cosmetics are mostly liquid or powder, safe and time-efficient cross-border logistics are of enormous necessity. On the one hand, the international situation is still uncertain in the outbreak. For example, trade barriers rise higher, and logistics cost fluctuates due to some uncertain factors.


On the other hand, liquid or powder cosmetics are generally prohibited in ordinary logistics services. Thus, seeking reliable, stable global logistics has become one of the indispensable factors of the growth of foreign beauty makeup orders.


Besides, logistics services covering all countries and regions, which can provide convenient, safe, and effective global logistics services for beauty products, have become one of the most urgent operational demands of cross-border beauty makeup sellers. 



With the rapid advancement of society and the development of our requirements, founding a cosmetic line is crucial.Not only it can satisfy our demands but also boot the development of international business between disparate countries. 


YunExpress, which gives you the best services, is a professional cross-border logistics service provider. In order to satisfy special demands of beauty makeup products, YunExpress recently launched cosmetic lines for the USA, the UK, the European Union of 25 countries. We adopt customized flight direct routes and select high-quality terminal delivery services to give our clients a safe, stable, and time-efficient experience. YunExpress has rich experience in cross-border logistics and plenty of successful cases. Take some time to learn how we may help you.


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