Tophatter officially recognized YunExpress as courier of American line


Recently, YunExpress and Tophatter reached official strategic cooperation and Tophatter formally recognized YunExpress as courier of American line!

Based on delivery demands, Chinese sellers can select YunExpress on background as courier and enjoy protection policies for sellers provided by Tophatter.

As newly-developing platform of cross-border e-commerce, Tophatter gathers superior suppliers from the world. There are 20 million+ registered users and average daily sales volume reaches 100,000+. Sellers can select cheap and fine, particular and personalized products. With continuous development of platform, the proportion of settled Chinese sellers is increasing gradually, and logistics services of the platform are also optimizing and upgrading constantly.

After opening up American line, YunExpress has become logistics provider for global line being recognized by Tophatter. After cooperation, both YunExpress and Tophatter will keep original aspiration of serving sellers, give full play to their respective advantages and go forward hand in hand, thus providing more cost-effective logistics options for Tophatter sellers and assisting in upgrading logistics services on Tophatter platform. With the arrival of peak season, YunExpress will escort Tophatter sellers, facilitate prosperous business of sellers with excellent timeliness and guarantee efficient logistics with superior services!

Attached delivery tips of YunExpress for Tophatter sellers:

Delivery way: Tophatter (YunExpress) Special Line Registration

Channel code: TPHZXR

Note: according to logistics policies of Tophatter American line, all orders sending to US are compulsively required to apply whole-course tracking service and protection policies for sellers can only be enjoyed with delivered track. Once the delivery is confirmed, it’s forbidden to modify the tracking number, so sellers shall fill in YunExpress waybill number correctly. (Rule of waybill number: letter TP + 16 numbers, e.g. “TP1928221259000011”)

Exclusive settling channel for YunExpress clients:


Settling guidance for new sellers:


Channel of video learning:


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